How to Investigate An Email ID Using Mosint?

An email has become one of the most widely used modes of communication, particularly in the corporate world. Despite its numerous advantages, email has several drawbacks that might have an impact on productivity and effectiveness. One of the most serious downsides is its vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Cyberattacks are becoming more regular, and email is frequently used as a conduit for attackers to obtain access to a company’s network. They can cause havoc once they acquire access by stealing data, destroying files, or even taking over the entire network.

What Is Mosint?

Mosint is an open-source OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) program for investigating and acquiring information on individuals, organizations, and other entities through the utilization of publically available sources. It is user-friendly and modular in design, allowing investigators to simply select the tools and modules they require for their inquiry. Mount may be used to look at things like social media profiles, IP addresses, email addresses, domain names, phone numbers, and more. It collects the most publicly available information on the targeted email ID from a variety of sources, including Holehe OSINT, email-verifier, FastHTTP, Simple Email Reputation, and others. The program is included in Kali Linux’s default packages, but if you don’t see it, you can get it from the public GitHub source. Most are written in Golang, and its libraries are written in Python, thus you must have both Python and Golang installed on your machine.

We can gather this information about the targeted email ID:

  • Email Validation
  • Email Domain
  • DNS/IP Lookup
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Associated Website/Domain
  • Data Breach/Password Leak


How to Investigate An Email ID Using Mosint?

Mosint is an open-source OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) tool for investigating many features of a person, including their email address. The following are the processes for investigating an email ID with Mosint:

Before we show you how to investigate an email ID using Mosint, you must first complete the prerequisites for running/installing the tool. Because this program is written in Golang and relies on Python libraries, you must have Python3 and Golang installed on your Linux machine. If you use Kali Linux, you can skip the installation phase because everything is preinstalled.

How to Investigate an Email ID Using Mosint?

1. Check your machine has Python installed

To test this, simply look at the Python version on your machine.

$ sudo python3 –version

The command “sudo python3 –version” is used to check the version of Python 3 installed on a Linux system. When you run this command with superuser privileges using “sudo”, it should output the version of Python 3 installed on your system.


2. Check your machine has Golang installed

Run this command to check the version of the Golang.

$ sudo go version

The “sudo go version” command determines the version of the Go programming language installed on a Linux system. When you run this command as a superuser with “sudo,” it should output the Go version installed on your system.

$ sudo apt install golang-go


3. Download/Clone Mosint from Git

Mosint can be downloaded from the Git page or cloned with the following command:

# sudo git clone



4. Install the required Python packages to run Mosint

The required Python packages are listed in the mosint directory’s requirements.txt file.

Set the directory to mosint. There will be a file called requirements.txt there. Install the packages listed in the file using the pip3 command.

$sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt



5. Run the Mosint tool for the first time

It’s a good idea to start with Mosint’s assistance. It downloads all of the tools and scripts needed to run the tool. Mosint, as previously stated, is built in Golang and uses Golnag to run the main.go file. When you download the tools and scripts, you will see Mosint’s flags table.

$ go run main. go -h

The command “go run main. go -h” displays the Go program’s help menu. When you run this command, it should display the program’s usage instructions and options.



6. Verify the targeted email ID

The first option for the investigation is to verify the email ID is valid email ID. Use the -verify flag for the email ID when running this command.

main.go -e $ go run -verify

The outcome demonstrates that the email ID is valid, not a temporary or disposable email ID.

Because no API Keys are set for the source tools, the result may be inaccurate. Setting the API key is recommended for accurate results. The tools’ API keys can be changed in the keys.json file. You can edit the keys.json file with any text editor.

$ nano keys.json

The command “nano keys.json” is used to open a text editor called Nano and create/edit a file named “keys.json”.

Nano is a simple command-line text editor found in Unix-like operating systems like Linux. The “keys.json” file can be used to store API keys, tokens, and other sensitive information that different programs may require.

7. How to check the social media account associated with the email ID

Run the same command with the -the social flag.

$ go run main. go -e -Social



8. Check the related emails and domains associated with the email ID

Run the same command with the -related flag.

$ go run main. go -e -related


What is mosint digital footprint

In Mosint, the Digital Footprint module is used to gather information about a person or organization’s online presence. This module searches for information related to the target’s email address, username, domain name, and other related information to collect data from various sources.

To use the Digital Footprint module in Mosint, you can follow these steps:

  1. Start Mosint: Open a terminal window and navigate to the Mosint directory. Run the following command to start Mosint: python3
  2. Select Target: Once Mosint is running, you will be prompted to enter the target’s email address, username, domain name, or any other related information.
  3. Select Modules: After entering the target information, you will be prompted to select the modules you want to use. Select the Digital Footprint module by entering its corresponding number and pressing Enter.

bash mosint command not found

The “bash mosint command not found” error message indicates that the Bash shell was unable to locate the mosint command. This could be due to a variety of factors, including:

  • The mosint command is not installed on your system.
  • The mosint command is installed, but it’s not in your system’s PATH.
  • The mosint command is installed, but the name or location of the executable file is different than what you’re trying to run.


How to install mosint windows

  1. First, make sure that your system has Python 3.x installed. You can download the latest version of Python from the official website:
  2. Open the Command Prompt or PowerShell on your Windows machine.
  3. Install Mosint using pip, which is the Python package manager. Run the following command:   $pip install mosint
  4. Allow the installation process to finish. When the installation is complete, run the following command to ensure that Mosint is correctly installed:  $mosint -h


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