Most people think that “hackers” are computer criminals. This term has two different meanings. There are two sides to every coin mean you can not have the good part of something without its bad. You could say if you want to have your face in the light you should have your back in the darklight. Two sides of the same coin have a different meanings two things seem different or opposed but both are the same. One is used for a person who performs an Ethical Hacking . These are useful security professionals with Knowledge of hacking which are used to secure organizations, companies, governments, etc. To secure documents and secret information on the internet.

Who is Hacker

A hacker is an individual who had an advanced understanding of computers, networking, scripting, programming, or Embedding hardware but did not have any malicious intents. Just the opposite there are malicious hackers usually referred to as Malicious Hackers, black hat, or criminal hackers, which describe any individual who illegally breaks into the network to damage or steal information.


Why hacker hack?

The main reason why hackers hack is that they can hack. Hacking is a casual hobby for some hackers– they just hack to see what they hack or what they can’t hack, usually by testing their systems. When we have a close look at hackers then they can be categorized in different terms according to their purposes and approach.

Types of Hacker

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Black Hat Hacker:- A black hat hacker is just the opposite of a white hat hacker or you can say, a bad guy. It refers to a cracker that breaks into someone’s networks or computers. They are specialized in unauthorized penetration of information systems networks for individual purposes.

White Hat Hackers:- A white hat hacker is an information security professional or good guy, especially in Information security, where it refers to an Ethical Hacker or Penetration Tester who focuses on securing and protecting networks and computer systems.

Grey Hat Hackers:- A grey hat hacker refers to a skilled hacker who breaks into networks or computers to bring the weakness to the attention or improve the system and network security.

Script Kiddies:– Script Kiddies are like amateur kids who use existing scripts or codes to hack into networks or computers and software developed by real hackers.

Hacktivist:- Individual or group who promote a compromised system and gains unauthorized access to further social or political agenda.

Suicide Hackers:- Suicide hackers are Individuals who aim to bring down infrastructure and even don’t bother to suffer long-term jail due to their activities.

Phreaked:- refers to a phone phreak are names used for and by individuals who participate in phone phreaking. A phreaker is someone who breaks into Telecommunication systems illegally, typically to make free calls

Understand the Need to hack your own systems

To catch a thief think like a thief. That is the basics for ethical hacking.

The law of averages works against security. With the increased numbers and expanding knowledge of hackers combined with the growing number of system vulnerabilities and other security threats the time will come when all computer systems can be hacked or compromised in one way or another as it is said security is just an illusions.

When you know hackers’ tricky you can understand how vulnerable your system is As hackers expand their knowledge

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